Risk Management

Your receivables in your customers are your short-term investments necessary to do business. Calculating the return of these investments and measuring the capital risk is an important step in the sales process. It is quite normal for your sales representatives not to lose customers or sales in a number of competitive and variable market conditions. However, cash flow imbalances can cause the capital structure to deteriorate and the company to sink in a short time. The failure of companies to sustain their assets is mainly due to the distorted capital structures, not profitability.

The average life expectancy of companies in Turkey is 12 years.

One of every 4 companies is unfortunately closing.

Risk Management - Saha 7/24

The current risk control is an integral part of sales automation application. As a Saha 7/24, we believe that sales without evaluation of the risk in is not a real sale. It is a very important process for your business's existence that your risks are reduced to the low level without becoming a problem.

  • By defining specific risk limits for your customers
  • By defining customer payment day and risk
  • When exceeding the maturity and risk limits, by providing a control system that stops order entry

You can easily provide and show customer risks to Sales Representatives for right decision.

For this, the integration of Saha 7/24 with Commercial Packages is becoming even more important.

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