Customer Relationship Management

Today's communication infrastructure has brought about significant changes in the operations of the new technologies that enter our lives every day. Even if you read this article right now, your active potential customers are constantly interacting with your competitors. They may be redirected from their personal accounts to your any competitor by bloggers they regularly follow via virtual networks, their mobile devices, their offices computers or their home computers. This process is inevitably developing and diversifying. Any sales automation application you would prefer should provide solutions and opportunities for customer relationship management.

Profesyonel Müşteri Yönetimi - Saha 7/24

Saha 7/24 aims to simplify the sales process from bidding, order-invoice-shipment, and to easily integrate the customer into this newly developed trading concept. Strengthen your interaction with your customers and acquire new customers by specifying the requirements of your potential customers with the modules developed by Saha 7/24.

Touch your customers;

  • You can schedule routine visits and Sales Representatives can be followed periodically by yourself
  • You can plan "unannounced" visits that will make your customers feel exclusive

Understand and customize customer needs;

  • You can segment your customers and define custom destinations
  • You can define targets periodically according to your product segments
  • It can be completely customized to your needs, you can define segments and enter custom targets

Improve your customer interaction;

  • You can create customized questionnaires for your customers and follow sectoral feedback
  • You can create new product introductions and presentations for your customers
  • You can follow your customers' complaints and suggestions

Increase customer interaction with your Sales Representatives;

  • You can assign duties to sales executive for your customers and follow them
  • You can track the activities of promoters that will meet your products and services with your customers, and you can start business process for your requests

Customer Relationships Assessing the data generated on the management application will become a very important issue in terms of the correct planning of your operational activities with a business intelligence integration.

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