Mobile Sales Automation App (Android and iOS)

Research by international research companies shows that; The usage rate of mobile devices is increasing day by day. That's why it's compulsory for websites to be compatible with mobile devices.

If the number of users with mobile connections is 71 million people, that means 90% of our population has mobile subscription. If the number of active mobile social network users is 36 million, 45% of our population have access to social networks via mobile devices.

These statistics show us that a website must be mobile-friendly and is not a choice anymore. It is not hard to say that the said statistics will rise in the direction of mobile devices and the rate of internet usage will increase in the direction of mobile devices.

Mobil Uygulama (Android ve iOS) - Saha 7/24

As we develop our Saha 7/24 product , we targeted to make it possible for sales teams traveling around the country to carry out their activities through via our mobile sales practice as much as possible. In terms of sales performance, we consider salesperson to be in the customer location more affordable and to provide customer interaction at the top level as a basic goal.

We tried to enter the daily route plans of salespeople circulating around the country and provide an infrastructure where this route performance can be scaled. We are doing statistical reporting on the route visit location by comparing the customer GPS location of the sales representative with the GPS data.

Through mobile sales application, we provide customer sales data to increase the sales performance of the sales person (up sell & cross sell). If the right customer segmentation can be done here, we recommend alternative products to the sales representative according to customer segment consumption.

You can also share your marketing materials (pdf, video, jpg, etc) with salespeople in minutes via Saha 7/24.

Another critical aspect of the sales operation is the money collection process. Keeping track of the customer's current risk is almost as critical as selling. Salespeople should be aware of the customer's risk when selling. If an application other than Saha 7/24 is used, we provide full integration with this application and display the customer's current risk through our mobile application so that sales personnel are notified.

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