Sales Automation

While developing our Saha 7/24 product basically; We planned to ensure that sales teams traveling around the site could carry out their activities as far as possible from within the system. On the central administration side, we tried to make the reporting of these activities as systematic as possible and to keep the necessary reporting tools rich for the comprehensive analyzes needed.

Saha Satış Otomasyonu - Saha 7/24

Customer Relationship Managment

Current sales automation applications usually provide solutions either directly in the form of hot sales (especially FMCG) or on the CRM side. We are trying to build a hybrid structure at Saha 7/24. Here, we want to simplify the daily operational processes (offer, order, invoice, inventory, etc.) as well as potential and opportunity events to increase new customer acquisition and sales performance through the same application. To create tasks according to customer or segment, to make surveys and receive data from the scene, other functions available in Saha 7/24.

Sales & Marketing Activities Support

In order to increase the sales performance of the salesperson (up sell & cross sell), we automatically report the customer purchase data without any effort to the sales manager. We support the increase of customer interaction with salesperson follow-up and current risk control modules. If the right customer segmentation can be done here, we recommend alternative products to the sales representative according to customer segment consumption and we support to improve sales. We see customer information as a critical process for the penetration of a newly launched product. That's why we make marketing materials (pdf, video, jpg, etc) to be created here on Saha 7/24, which you will share with salespeople in minutes.

Risk Management

Another critical aspect of the sales operation is the control of customer outstanding. Tracking the customer's current risk is almost as critical as sales improvement. The sales staff are either sales or revenue oriented. It is very critical that the sales executive is aware of the customer risk when selling and that there is no application in Customer Location other than Saha 7/24. We are trying to bring solutions that will facilitate the sales representative's job. We also provide Saha 7/24 integration with existing commercial packages (integrating with LOGO and NETSIS) to manage all processes.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Everyday operational transactions actually provide a lot of data at the back that will be critical to the business, both sectorally and financially. Another important function of Saha 7/24 is to translate these data into a measurable format, and to create a large reporting infrastructure for administrative decisions.

Mobile App (Android-iOS)

Having mobile application support in sales automation applications with developing mobile internet access sub-structures was an indispensable feature. We provide all customer data (open account, sales volume) in order to increase the sales performance (up sell & cross sell) through the mobile sales application. If the correct customer segmentation can be done here, we recommend alternative products to the sales representative according to customer segment consumption.

ERP Integration

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